Liveris Scholars at the cutting-edge of innovation with QODE

30 Mar 2020

Many Australians will recognise QODE as the country's largest innovation festival. Each year, QODE attracts thousands of attendees, showcasing cutting-edge innovations from researchers, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders from around the world.

In March 2020, Scholars of the Andrew N. Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership participated in a special seminar with QODE CEO Jackie Taranto and Chief Curator Gilad Grinbaum to discuss topics at the frontiers of science and innovation, including artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, advanced materials, space technology, energy, automation, quantum, and food security.

Following the seminar, the Liveris Scholars were invited to contribute to the official QODE Blog, sharing their personal perspectives on the impact of cutting-edge technologies, from AI-enabled 'smart bandages' to NASA's latest mission to Mars.

"These experiences support our Scholars to broaden their perspectives, and deepen their knowledge of emerging technology" Academy Director Professor Peta Ashworth said.

"As emerging thought-leaders, our Scholars have already shown an aptitude for effectively conveying complex ideas. This will hold them in good stead as they pursue their formal education at UQ, and engage with leaders from industry, entrepreneurship and policy/humanitarian fields through the Liveris Scholars Program".

Humanising virtual assistants AIHow humanising virtual assistants earns our trust

What do you perceive Siri to look like? Male or female? Blonde or brunette? Dressed in casual or formal clothes?

By Esandi Kalugalage

smart bandageNew ‘Smart Bandage’ to Cut Healing Times

A new ‘smart bandage’ in development could cut wound healing times by up to 50%.

By Amber Spurway

Rover to marsOur Next Step to the Red Planet

Tandem team of NASA robots prepare to discover the secrets of Mars.

By James Orman


Prosthesis hackingProsthesis Hacking

Increasing access to technologies has introduced this new wave of hacking prosthesis.

By Simeon Grover


synthetic biologySynbio: Where Biology Meets Engineering

Scientists are working to edit the DNA coding of organisms to design and construct new biological systems, so what does this mean for the world as we know it?

By Lilly Van Gilst

synthetic biology coke bottleSynthetic Biology – Unlocking the Potential of a Coca-Cola Bottle

Synthetic biology can be used to decompose PET plastic packages to create a circular economy and sustainably manage plastic pollution.

By Megan Jones

space trashTaking out the space trash

The removal of space debris from Earth’s orbit is vital for the sustainability of future space activities.

By Flynn Pearman

robisomesThe RISE of Ribosomes

New method of modifying ribosome structure may lead to the creation of brand-new biosynthetic materials.

By Victoria Barnes

synthetic materialsThe world of Synthetic Biology Materials

How we are harnessing synthetic biology for material development and what it means for our future.

By Javan McGuckin