Victoria Barnes

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)
Andrew N. Liveris Academy Scholar, 2019

Victoria is currently undertaking an integrated Bachelor and Master of Engineering majoring in Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

After relocating from a country town in Mississippi, USA, to Noosa, Queensland at the start of her Year 10 schooling, Victoria graduated high school as the Dux of her College, receiving an OP 1 (ATAR 99), while simultaneously training for (and completing) the 48km Brisbane Kokoda Challenge. Victoria has developed a great love of the outdoors, and always enjoys a nice stroll in the Noosa National Park or a day off at the beach with her dogs. She is also an avid book enthusiast and would one day love to have her own personal home library.

After discovering a passion for chemistry in high school, Victoria knew that she wanted to use her skills to invent new ways to limit the waste that ends up in our environment. Ideally this would mean working towards increasing the efficiency of industrial processes so that they produce less by-product, or implementing new methods of waste management from a chemical engineering point of view.

Since commencing at UQ, Victoria has become the recipient of a UQ Excellence Scholarship, and is extremely honoured to be among the first cohort of Liveris Academy Scholars.

Victoria Barnes