About the Liveris Academy

We have reached a pivotal moment in history as the world order transforms before our eyes.

The emerging opportunities presented by these changes, along with the need for effective and decisive leadership, have encouraged me to partner with The University of Queensland to create the Andrew N. Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership.

Our express mission is to select the best scholars, and nurture them in an environment of excellence to create the next generation of leaders for the 21st century.

As a leader in business myself, I believe in betting early on exceptional people. For me it is now a natural progression to enable the empowerment of the next generation of leaders.

The Liveris Academy is deeply committed to educating talented undergraduate students with demonstrated leadership prowess, a passion for sustainability and the potential to solve problems through large-scale innovation.

Andrew N. Liveris AO
Founding Donor, Liveris Academy

The Andrew N. Liveris Building at The University of Queensland

To build a sustainable future, we need a place to make progress happen.

The new Andrew N. Liveris Building will be a dynamic hub for industry, interdisciplinary collaboration and big thinking – designed to support researchers and students in solving the world’s greatest sustainability challenges.

The building will house the Liveris Academy. Purpose-built for the emerging leaders of today and tomorrow, this modern and collaborative space will provide our scholars and guests with an environment to pursue positive change and establish a strong community.

The 11-storey Liveris Building will be the tallest on our St Lucia campus. It will also be the new home for the School of Chemical Engineering – complete with state-of-the-art facilities, learning spaces, design studios and laboratories.

The project is generously backed by an historic gift from Mr Andrew Liveris and Mrs Paula Liveris.

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Our honorary board consists of current and former global business leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs.
Liveris Academy graduates set the benchmark for globally innovative leaders, becoming role models for the next generation and reinforcing a sustainable community of pioneers for the future.
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