Javan McGuckin

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering
Liveris Undergraduate Scholar

Javan is currently completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering at UQ, and plans to major in the field of chemical engineering.

He was the recipient of a University of Queensland Young Achievers Scholarship in Year 10, and was awarded a Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority Distinguished Academic Achiever Award in late 2018 for his Year 12 studies.

Since commencing at UQ, Javan has also become the recipient of a UQ Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship, and plans to make the most of opportunities at UQ to gain international experience.

Throughout high school, Javan had the opportunity to mentor younger students in both tutoring and leadership roles, which has led to his interest in pursuing further leadership opportunities as a Liveris Scholar. Javan's volunteering experience allowed him to have a positive impact on the studies of many students studying within STEM fields, and hopes to undertake similar work in the future. Javan feels very strongly about using his University studies and future career to address key issues surrounding sustainability, particularly in the areas of manufacturing and material development.

As a Liveris Scholar, Javan looks forward to exploring his passion for sustainability, and developing his knowledge of materials engineering in order to make impactful changes for the betterment of others.

Javan McGuckin