Global Leadership Podcast Series

There has never been a more important time to make a difference and create better lives.

To transform the future with people, skills and technology and to drive innovation using scientific, evidence-based knowledge and business acumen.

In this podcast series you will hear from Liveris Academy Scholars interviewing a leader they identify as being important to them. They ask the hard questions about leadership and innovation that we can all relate to.

Latest episodes

  • In this episode, Professor Sarah Jane Kelly OAM, a board member on the organising committee, shares her experience and knowledge of the upcoming games and what role innovation, sustainability and young people will make in achieving them
  • In this episode, the former Chief Scientist of Australia, Dr. Alan Finkel, shares his journey to the position of Chief Scientist and the values, qualities and skillsets core to an effective science leader.
  • In this episode, join AMA Queensland President Professor Chris Perry and Liveris Scholar Dhairy Shah in an intriguing discussion about his personal leadership journey and what it takes to be a leader in the medical profession. It is a must-listen for those interested in the future of medical leadership, within and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How do we navigate our way out of this crisis? Join Leela Dilkes-Hoffman a research analyst for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Liveris scholar Megan Jones as they discuss the circular economy and all things plastic.
  • Microplastics demonstrate that even the smallest things can have a dramatic collective impact. In this episode, the man who first discovered microplastics, Richard Thompson OBE FRS discusses the journey of microplastics research and the importance of shifting our focus from studying their harm to implementing solutions.
  • Join leading Yale Neuroscience Professor Dr. Basavaraju Sanganahalli and Liveris Scholar Vishaak Gangasandra as they outline how you can play a role in this future which has already begun.
  • Leadership is difficult at the best of times but even more so in the 21st century socially distanced world. Good workplace relationships are integral for reaching goals and this is no different in politics.
  • In this episode, we meet Cindy Vestergaard and draw upon her experience in the nuclear industry to explore leadership through uncertainty and contention, as well as the importance of multi-level, inclusive leadership and how it is applied at the interface of technology, policy and public perception.
  • In this discussion, Ashleigh Morris, CEO of Coreo, and Liveris Scholar Simeon Gover discuss Ashleigh’s approach to leadership and challenges in the tumultuous times of the present.