Andrew N. Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership
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The Liveris Academy actively recruits the best and brightest students from the Asia–Pacific region.

Join a generation of future leaders and develop the cultural fluency, multi-disciplinary perspectives, and depth of understanding that will help guide regional and global decision-making for a more prosperous future.



About the Liveris Academy

The global challenges we face are increasingly complex. Access to clean water and food security. Modern energy services and sustainable materials. Mass urbanisation and ageing populations.

To find and deliver solutions, we need exceptional leaders to inspire us. A new breed of bright minds – geared towards sustainability, and equipped to galvanise our collective expertise, courage and perseverance to drive profound changes across government, industry and society at large.

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The Liveris Academy experience

Our graduates set the benchmark for globally innovative leaders, becoming role models for the next generation and reinforcing a sustainable community of pioneers for the future.

At the Liveris Academy, we seek out scholars as diverse as our challenges are complex. Our range of scholarships supports merit and equity.
We’re equipping a cohort of exceptional young minds with the capacity to take on the most pressing challenges of our time, and your support is crucial to achieving this.
Gain exclusive access to mentorships, internships, work experience opportunities, events and activities that will broaden perspectives and enrich lives.

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"Our mission is to select the best scholars, and nurture them in an environment of excellence to create the next generation of leaders for the 21st century."

Andrew N. Liveris AO
Founder of the Liveris Academy






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Academy Coordinator

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