Episode 3: Sustainability in the sports field

17 Mar 2021

While many people are passionate about sports or passionate about sustainability, very few combine these areas to create a unique, positive impact.

With Dr Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, we explore how Dow and the Olympic Games are advancing sustainability through sports.

“The power of sport is well understood when it comes to individual players…but when it comes to sustainability and the positive influence that sport can play in that area, people are still not very much aware of it.”

Find out how her work reduced the carbon footprint of the London, Sochi and Rio Olympic Games and what leadership means in this interesting field.

Learn more about the Dow Sustainability Through Sports partnership.

Meet our guest:

Dr Nicoletta PiccolrovazziDr Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi
Global Technology and Sustainability Director for Dow Olympic and Sports Solutions

As Global Technology and Sustainability Director for Dow Olympic and Sports Solutions, Dr Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi helped the International Olympic Committee (IOC), organizing committees of the Olympic Games, business partners and other key stakeholders to address technology and sustainability-related needs with Dow solutions. The programs led by Nicoletta combined sports and technology to create a positive impact on society, business and the environment. Among her greatest triumphs is Dow’s carbon mitigation platform, implemented by Dow on behalf of the Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Organizing Committees and expanded globally by Dow as the “Official Carbon Partner” of the IOC. The program has delivered 5.1 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, received external recognition and has already allowed the IOC to balance its carbon emissions for the period 2017-2020. Nicoletta is a member of the IOC’s Sustainability and Legacy Commission and was nominated Sustainability Champion of the Year (Non- executive) by the Business Intelligence Group.

Nicoletta joined Dow in 1989 as a Technical Service engineer in Switzerland. She previously led the Technical Service organizations for multiple Dow businesses, responsible for customer support and technology implementation throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She has held positions in Research and Development and Marketing and Sales and her expertise covers a range of topics from sustainability and research and development to end-use markets for advance materials. 

Nicoletta holds a Ph.D. from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland and a master’s degree in chemistry from Padua University in Italy. As a mother to two grown-up daughters, she is a strong advocate for gender diversity. Together with her family she actively supports the Rainbows4Children Foundation that provides education to children in Ethiopia.

Meet our interviewer: 

FlynnFlynn Pearman
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Mathematics (Mechanical Engineering)
Andrew N. Liveris Academy Scholar, 2020

Flynn graduated from Padua College, Brisbane, in 2018 as Dux of the College, and was later named a Distinguished Academic Achiever by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as one of the top 30 graduating students in the State.

During his time at UQ, Flynn aspires to spend a semester studying abroad in Europe to improve both his technical and leadership skills, and plans to pursue a career solving problems that he is passionate about. In particular, he is looking forward to exploring solutions to sustainable energy sources that will assist in the decarbonisation of the global economy, whilst continuing to improve prosperity. Through his studies at UQ and as a Scholar of the Liveris Academy, Flynn is also aiming to explore his interest in sustainable transport in a zero-emissions future.

Outside of his studies, Flynn enjoys cricket, basketball, Australian rules football and skiing. Since commencing university and further broadening his interests, he has discovered a passion for the game of golf (which persists despite a self-reported lack of skill in this area).

Learn more about the Liveris Academy.