Sara Yeo

Liveris Academy Alumna

Sara completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biomedical Science and Marine Science, with a provisional pathway to Medicine in 2022.

Her broad range of interests  led her to undertake research projects on an array of topics including the poverty cycle, water scarcity, cancer treatments, and sustainable fuels, attesting to her unique choice in majors. Notably, her research on Carbon Capture and Storage sparked an interest in carbon emissions, climate change, and water conservation.

During her time as a Liveris Academy Scholar, Sara endeavoured to broaden her understanding of global issues to provide solutions to escape the poverty cycle, particularly through education of women in STEM to cultivate the next generation of leaders. She is excited about STEM education enabling medical advancements, improving employability, and enhancing sustainability literacy. Sara hopes to explore sustainable technologies that combat water scarcity such as atmospheric water generators and low pressure membrane systems.