Navid Shamsi

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Engineering
Vice-Chancellor's Scholar

Navid is studying the Bachelor Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering at UQ planning to major in mechatronics engineering.

In 2021, he graduated from Brisbane State High School as one of the first Queensland ATAR cohort achieving the Senior Subject Award for Engineering as well as an Academic Excellence Award. Navid is a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar who has sought involvement in the Liveris Academy due to its amazing opportunities for developing his leadership and professional skills.

During his schooling, Navid was involved in a range of academic, sporting and service activities. Notably, he took up the roles of player, coach and referee (not simultaneously) in Volleyball and Football. He was also a member of the School Technical crew, a 3D modeler in the FTC Robotics Team and a mentor in the Peers for Academic Success program. In his free time, he likes to tinker with electronics, take photos and watch or play Football. His biggest disappointment in 2020 was the cancellation of many sporting and cultural events around the world.

Prior to graduation, Navid demonstrated his interest in STEM by participating in Learning and Leadership programs such as the National Youth Science Forum (2020) and the QUT STEM Camp (2019). He always enjoys practical activities such as building or fixing things, an interest which was sparked in him by his Grandfather who always complained that the new generation are "going hands-free". Navid aims to address sustainability by repairing, repurposing and delaying obsolescence in current and future technologies.

Navid Shamsi