Nadeesh Warusamanna

Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)
Vice-Chancellor's Scholar

Nadeesh is studying the Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) and plans to major in Finance.

He graduated from Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) in 2020, with a healthy range of academic excellence prizes, extracurricular, and public purpose involvements. 

Nadeesh’s passion for social issues was broadened prior to commencing at Brisbane Grammar School by his exposure to a variety of situations, including living in Sri Lanka and rural Queensland. These experiences as a whole developed his perspectives of the world to reflect many underappreciated viewpoints. While at school, he was involved in the debating program, which provided exposure to a wide variety of social issues. The constant presentation of these events allowed him to develop a passion for a large variety of Australian and international social issues. He remains grateful for these opportunities that have kept giving back to him, and hopes to expand upon them through the Liveris Academy.

His public purpose experiences, such as the World’s Greatest Shave, were very eye-opening, and gave him the opportunity to reflect upon the good that individuals can do for the world. 

Nadeesh is grateful to have been selected into the Liveris Academy’s third cohort and plans to engage in the as many opportunities presented to him during his time at UQ.

Nadeesh Warusamanna