Kyel Steensma

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering 
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholar

Kyel is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering at UQ in the field of chemical engineering.
He graduated from Mansfield State High School in 2017 with an OP 4, didn’t know what he wanted to do in life, and so embarked on a gap year. What he experienced in his work and travel, brought about a deep and powerful change of mindset.

What Kyel realised is that he has a deep love of humanity and commitment to tackling the biggest societal problems. Upon commencing his studies at the University of Queensland and throwing himself into clubs and societies, he has become a full-fledged humanitarian; working in Cambodia and soon the Torres Strait Islands to aid disadvantaged communities. He has dedicated himself to effective climate action and decarbonising the energy industry; rising to leadership and having a significant effect within his community of energy enthusiasts. Being passionate about education, he has also created a YouTube channel to better describe society’s wicked problems and empower the general public to choose better solutions.

In his spare time, Kyel likes to venture out and build skill in areas that are initially outside his comfort zone. Beginning as an amateur debater in 2020, he hopes to travel Australia in university tournaments in 2021, as well as becoming competitive cheerleader to enter state and national competitions.

He’s incredibly excited to join the Liveris Academy and build himself into a leader of the future.

Kyel Steensma