Joel Park

Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Computer Science
Liveris Undergraduate Scholar

Joel is studying a Bachelor of Mathematics / Bachelor of Computer Science planning to major in statistics and machine learning.
In 2019 Joel graduated from Casuarina Senior College in Darwin where he achieved the second highest ATAR in the Northern Territory. In 2020 he completed a gap year working full time at a law firm.

Joel aspires to use technology to automate processes involved in developing and implementing solutions to challenges relating to the sustainability of humanity and the environment. He is excited about exploring the intersection between machine learning and cognitive science in this context.

He is fortunate to have had a diverse set of experiences throughout his life which, coupled with his background as an Indigenous Australian, have led to him developing an appreciation on the many facets of Australia today.

Joel enjoys deep discussions with others about their and his vulnerabilities, goals and dreams and also enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, reading and exercising.

He is grateful to be a Liveris Scholar and says that he is excited by the tremendous learning opportunities and experiences that will come during his time as a Scholar. Joel looks forward to developing his leadership skills and deepening his technical skills in order to lead and coordinate technological solutions with aim of contributing to the greater wellbeing of people across the globe.

Joel Park