Jessica Forbes

Bachelor of Journalism/Arts
Associate Program

Jessica is currently completing a dual Bachelor of Journalism / Arts, with an extended major in psychology. This unique combination of study areas reflects a keen interest in human behaviour, as well as an overwhelming passion for writing and media studies. 

Graduating as an honours' student, Jessica left St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School in 2018. During senior year, she was highly committed to her roles as prefect and dance captain, taking great joy in her ability to give back to the school. Guided by her principles of tolerance and kindness, Jessica believes in being a good role model and supporting all members of a team. 

Jessica’s effort to achieve her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award while in high school has shaped much of her attitude today, broadening her interests, opening her horizons and greatly improving her self confidence. 

Outside of her studies, Jessica enjoys baking, dancing, writing poetry, volleyball and roller skating (an interest that persists despite a previous broken arm)! Since commencing university she has taken up work as an academic tutor and a waitress in a bustling Greek restaurant. 

During her time at UQ, Jessica aspires to spend a semester studying abroad in Canada to improve both her theoretical and professional skills. Having completed a number of sociology electives, Jessica has developed a focus on the function of society and human rights. As a result, she hope to pursue a career that is focused on helping others and working towards a brighter global future.

Jessica Forbes