Harrison Cusack

Liveris Academy Graduate

Harrison graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – majoring in electrical and computer engineering – and Bachelor of Mathematics. He undertook a student exchange program at University College London, where he received an average course percentage of 95%. Harrison graduated from high-school at the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology in 2017, achieving an ATAR 99.85.

Across his tertiary studies, Harrison had several work experience opportunities at various technical organisations, including performing cybersecurity operations at the Department of Defence, developing mathematical models at Energy Queensland, and conducting vulnerability research within a team of UQ research fellows. He enjoyed combining his technical expertise with his presenting abilities in the education sector, whereby he delivered motivational seminars to thousands of students across the state, taught tutorial classes both at UQ and various high-schools, and facilitated coding workshops for the next generation of young software engineers!

Harrison is keen on pursuing an entrepreneurship avenue. He believes that the most efficient way he can tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems (of which he believes that cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are the most prominent) is via complete innovative freedom, with no bounds but the limitations of his own mind.

Some of Harrison’s primary hobbies include having a bash around on the tennis court, poking the stock market, and strumming away on his classical guitar! He also has a huge passion for learning languages – specifically, Chinese (Mandarin) and French – so much so that several years ago, he was selected to represent Australia at the international “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition broadcast live on Chinese national television and attracting millions of viewers!

Harrison is thrilled to have been a member of the Liveris Academy. He is confident that the brilliant network of like-minded peers the Academy fosters spells very exciting disruptive innovations on the near horizon.

Harrison Cusack