Félix Hall

Bachelor of Computer Science
Liveris Undergraduate Scholar

Félix's extended experience in the startup and social impact space has led to his desire in supporting impact at scale through technology and social entrepreneurship. This led to his enrolment in UQ’s Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Machine Learning.

Félix recognises that we are all within ships sailing towards dangerous, reef filled waters. Impact, innovation and compassion are the brands which power his fleet. With these he’s helped others steer to safer water when looking at climate and energy management, democratising digital access, remote education, water loss mitigation, mental health and parental separation, to name a few. Félix has been a crew member to 6 local startups, won or was a finalist for 13 highly competitive local, national or even international startup or problem solving programs.

Since 2020, Felix has actively grown the student entrepreneurship fleet by facilitating startup weekends/hackathons, supporting other founders, and by co-founding the Queensland Universities Innovation Network (QUIN). Some of the notable landmarks his ship has been awarded with include being named the 2022 UQ Student Entrepreneur, winning the UQxKWM TransformLaw challenge in 2021, as well as the ADF Future Innovators Award and receiving the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2020. Looking into the future with a captain’s spyglass, Félix is committed to helping 100,000 people by 2032.

Outside of being that enthusiastic teen at hackathons or future-oriented conferences, one might find him playing cards with friends in a park, composing at level 6 of the AEB, or simply listening to some nice music.

Félix Hall