Benjamin Tran

Bachelors of Engineering (Hons)/Computer Science
Vice-Chancellor's Scholar

Benjamin is completing a dual Bachelors of Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science, with majors in Mechatronics & Computer Engineering and Machine Learning. He aspires to follow his UQ studies with a dual masters under the Erasmus+ program. Benjamin graduated from Moreton Bay Boys' College in 2020, and was accepted as a Liveris Academy Scholar in 2021.

Benjamin sees the Academy as a unique opportunity to develop a skill set that transcends traditional formal education, allowing him to be better equipped for future industries which without doubt will require cutting-edge innovation and gritty leadership. Benjamin believes that the skills honed within the academy, from crisis management to effective leadership, are crucial in his two primary fields of interest - robotics and cybersecurity.

Participation in the Liveris Academy has been an invaluable asset in Benjamin's current education, and he hopes to be able to continue drawing on these experiences well into the future.

In his downtime, Benjamin is an avid tennis player, and has been playing competitively for as long as he can remember. He also enjoys all things rugby league and gaming, although it's a tough call as to which one he's worse at. Alternatively, on the off day he can be found playing guitar, loud enough only for his two cats to listen in.

Benjamin Tran