Benjamin Tran

Bachelors of Engineering (Honours)/Computer Science
Vice-Chancellor's Scholar

Benjamin graduated from Moreton Bay Boys' College in 2020 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Computer Science at UQ. He is planning to major in Machine Learning and either Mechatronic or Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

Throughout his senior education, Benjamin’s passion for innovation and STEM was fostered through both the senior curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities. One such opportunity was his role as a UQ Science Ambassador, which allowed him to inspire others to share his interests, whether they were in Year 1 or Year 11. Having a passion for programming and mathematics, but feeling that they were under-represented in favour of science, Benjamin used his role as a mechanism to foreground these ideas, and hopes that his efforts will leave a meaningful contribution to the school’s perception of STEM.

Outside of the academic sphere, Benjamin has represented his school in music and various sports, including athletics, cross country and soccer, as well as tennis and futsal for various clubs. He looks forward to becoming involved in university sports, clubs and societies that will complement his studies well while also maintaining an active social life.

In becoming a Scholar in the Liveris Academy, Benjamin looks forward to developing the leadership, communication and technical skills that are vital in a 21st century context. He is honoured to be a member of the Academy and is excited to meet industry professionals and like-minded students who will cultivate his interests in sustainability, innovation and leadership.

Benjamin Tran