Ella O'Connor

Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine (Provisional Entry)
Liveris Undergraduate Scholar

Ella is studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland with provisional entry to the Doctor of Medicine, majoring in Public Health. Ella plans on applying for an intercalated PhD with her MD, having discovered a love of research through her Research Project investigating increasing the uptake of the HPV and Influenza vaccines in Australian adolescents.

Ella was involved in a bus rollover in 2020. As the crash occurred on a country road, Ella has experienced some of the challenges facing rural emergency departments. Due to her experiences with a significant concussion, Ella plans on majoring in Public Health to learn more about the intricacies of the healthcare system and how she can positively contribute to it.

Ella graduated from Scotch College Adelaide with an ATAR of 99.55 with A+ with merits in Biology, Nutrition and Chemistry. Ella also achieved an unprecedented record UCAT score of 3540. Ella is passionate about French, and plans on taking courses whilst studying, having always enjoyed it alongside her primarily STEM-based studies. 

Ella is a passionate debater, advancing to the finals of the SADA inter-school competition for 6 years and acting as Oratory Ambassador for 2 years. Through this, Ella organised the inaugural Newton Oratory Cup and mentored multiple younger students.

Having involved herself with the Smith Family, Puddle Jumpers and as an Oaktree Youth Ambassador, Ella is passionate about community service, having witnessed the positive impact made whilst volunteering. 

Ella is excited to be chosen as a Liveris Undergraduate Scholar and looks forward to working with her fellow members of the Academy.

Ella O'Connor