Joy Yin

Bachelor of Computer Science / Doctor of Medicine (Provisional Entry)
Vice-Chancellor's Scholar

Joy is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science with Provisional Entry into the Doctor of Medicine program.

An interest in technology quickly developed when Joy recognised its prominence in intersecting with every industry. She aspires to harness its capacity in data and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency – anything from streamlining hospital admission procedures to optimising sustainable supply chains. It’s a space of endless innovation that she hopes to develop and contribute her leadership and technical skills in.

Growing up with various hobbies on rotation, she thoroughly enjoys a diverse range of endeavours. Representation and youth activism are key areas she finds leadership to be uniquely developed, being an undergraduate representative on the EAIT TLC Committee and an Australia delegate at an international youth conference. Having co-founded a charity that raised over $6000 in high school, Joy continues her passion in humanitarian service by spending Saturdays with her local Rotary club, packing shipping containers for the Pacific Islands. In her spare time, she loves spending an evening at the ice rink and gym or falling down internet rabbit holes on obscure topics.

As a Liveris Academy scholar, Joy is keen to engage with like-minded individuals in a collective pursuit of leading a more sustainable future.

Joy Yin