Nashaat Gadelhak

PhD: Polymer-based Separators for Non-aqueous Aluminium-ion Batteries
Entrepreneurial PhD Scholar

Nashaat graduated from Beni Suef University at Egypt with a major in chemistry. On entering into a Master's program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology, he was received funded project from Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF) with 100000 EGP for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen production from water with collaboration with The American University of Cairo (AUC). After receiving his MSc. degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology, he worked as research associate at AUC to develop High performance supercapacitor devices to store electrical energy where his research work resulted in more than 20 published papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

Nashaat is currently pursuing his PhD at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. He commenced his PhD project in July 2021 under the supervision of Professor Chengzhong Yu and Dr Xiaodan Huang, which focuses on design of flexible and compatible membrane separators for next generation rechargeable Aluminium ion batteries.

Nashaat is a recipient of the UQ Graduate School Research Training Program Scholarship and is honoured to be an AIBN Entrepreneurial Scholar. He is excited to partner with the Liveris Academy and the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and develop transferable skills across many areas.

Nashaat works in collaboration with Graphene Manufacture Group (GMG) as an industrial partner, he will have more time to devote to battery development research and transfer that technology from lab to industry. At the same time, he is keen for the opportunity to grow employment opportunities and communicate with industry minded people to discuss opportunities and challenges for energy storage in the future.

Nashaat believes that "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to visible." Now he is fully excited and ready to achieve his goals.

Nashaat Gadelhak