Shuwenjun (Winnie) Ma

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours)
Saudi Aramco Scholar

Growing up in a developing country that is undergoing rapid development, Winnie has witnessed and experienced first-hand the impacts of climate change. These experiences underpinned her deep passion for sustainability, and through her degree - a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours), she hopes she can be the driver for sustainable development, especially in the global south.

Back in her hometown Guangzhou, she attended a public school. At the age of 16, she came to Australia on her own to study at Clayfield College, an all-girl private school in Brisbane. After adapting to the vastly different schooling system and the many cultural differences, she graduated in 2021 with an exceptional ATAR score and enjoyed her role as the music captain.

With a specialisation in Chemical Engineering, Winnie hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the energy framework and the pathway to net zero, such as circular economy and carbon capture and storage technologies. She is interested in the mineral processing and metallurgy industry, and keen to join the mission to produce critical metals in an efficient, sustainable and economic way. Being a huge foodie, she is also passionate about using engineering and science skills to improve and further innovate on current alternative food options, such as lab grown meat and precision fermentation.

In her spare time, Winnie loves music and plays saxophone and Chinese bamboo flute. Since starting university, she has been involved with many student clubs and societies and is now careers officer for UQ Skirts in Engineering, where she is expanding her leadership and interpersonal skills. She also enjoys Hackathon and Innovation challenges, where she gets to put her creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship skills to test. She and her team were honoured to receive second place in the Weekend of Startup Hackathon.

Shuwenjun (Winnie) Ma