Jing Jie Wong

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Engineering
YAP Scholar

Jing Jie is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

As a violist, he was part of the Centenary Heights State High School string ensemble which ranked top 5 at the state final Fanfare Competition in 2018.

One of his most memorable experiences in high school which sparked his interest in the renewable energy sector was his participation in Fiji Power 2015. Along with two other high school students, engineers, electricians, and builders, the team headed to a medical centre in a remote village in Fiji to set up solar panels to power a vaccination fridge. 

After graduating high school in 2018, Jing Jie was enlisted for National Service in the Singapore Police Force. He rose to the rank of Sergeant and was responsible for managing a team of eight Kennel Hands in the daily maintenance of kennel hygiene and dog welfare. Besides leading his team, he also volunteered to assist in dog demonstrations at various events.

Outside of the classroom, Jing Jie enjoys taking up opportunities to contribute to the energy sector, including participating in the University of Queensland Student Energy Network Consultation Program Semester 1, 2021, where he and his team were tasked to develop a strategy to decarbonise Australia’s transport sector.

Jing Jie is excited to be a member of the Liveris Academy and to be mentored and challenged.

Jing Jie Wong