Xumin (Max) Huang

PhD in Nanotechonology
Entrepreneurial PhD

Xumin is a PhD candidate at Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), focusing on the development of organic/inorganic nanohybrids towards next generation imaging contrast agents. After his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) at AIBN under the supervision of Dr. Ruirui Qiao, Dr. Changkui Fu, and Prof. Tom Davis, he has been awarded The University of Queensland Research Training Program Scholarships to support his PhD study.

Xumin has exploited the expertise of his research group to successfully build up a pH-responsive smart imaging probe platform. His PhD will continue to develop this platform for next-generation imaging contrast agents. Besides, he also established a good collaboration within/outside his research group and contributed outstanding research outcomes during his MPhil program. He has also attended international conferences to present his work.

Xumin took  the opportunity to be one of the Liveris Academy Scholars to improve his innovation and leadership to unlock more possibilities.

Apart from his research, Xumin also joined a lot of volunteer activities to take care of kids with leukaemia during his undergraduate study. These experiences really inspired him to contribute himself in his research fields to help more people with early diagnosis and disease intervention.

The sense of achievement in both academies and non-academies attracts him to broaden the boundaries of knowledge, even just a little.

Xumin (Max) Huang