Aakash Bhattacharya

Bachelor of Mathematics / Bachelor of Computer Science
Vice Chancellor's Scholar

Aakash entered his first year of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2023 and is eager to use his degree to develop a fruitful career at the forefront of modern technology. After having graduated in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.95 and as Senior Dux of Mansfield State High School, he is grateful to have been awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship to support tuition and accomodation throughout university. 

In his senior year at Mansfield State High, Aakash was proud to take on leadership positions as a STEM Ambassador, organising science week events, and a Peer Support Leader for Year 7 students. He also took on extra-curricular roles in instrumental music with a Cultural Silver award, and submitted winning entries for the school’s Literary Festival. Taking a keen interest in the field of language, he also enjoys studying and reading French literature, and hopes to open a variety of enriching career pathways through his studies. 

Outside of school and from a young age, Aakash has grown passions in photography and music. He always looks to nurture his creativity and be able to apply it in any discipline. 

As a Liveris Academy Scholar, Aakash hopes to grow and learn as a leader, inspiring change throughout his community and the world. He is honoured and incredibly proud to be among peers in the Academy who will share this vision and contribute to building a brighter, more sustainable future.

Aakash Bhattacharya