Tahmina Tabassum

PhD in Genetic Engineering
Entrepreneurial PhD

Tahmina is pursuing her PhD in Molecular Cell Biology funded by an ARC grant investigating development of novel CRISPR-based tool for safer genetic engineering of human stem cells. She completed a Master of Biotechnology degree with high distinction from Griffith University in 2021. Her study was partially funded by the Griffith International Excellence Scholarship, and she has received Griffith Excellence Award for her result. She is currently a recipient of UQ Research Training Stipend Earmarked, UQ Research Training Tuition Fee Offset and Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top-up Scholarship.

Tahmina describes her interests as multifaceted having played distinct roles in her career so far. She worked as an RA at Griffith Research Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) and is currently working as an RA in Phenomics Australia UQ Node. Outside the lab, she has worked at Genofax as scientific website content writer, participated in Griffith Student-Staff Partnership Program contributing to creative translations of science of learning for a conference paper and worked at the advancement campaign with UQ Alumni and Community Relations team. In addition, Tahmina has engaged in various UQ activities including Ventures Validate Program, where her team won third prize for their start-up pitch, and U21 Global Citizenship by Common Purpose.

Tahmina 's main interest lies in translational research and her aim is to build a dual career as a science leader and an entrepreneur. She has recently published a systemic review on CRISPR-Cas9 fusion proteins in International Journal of Molecular Sciences and has completed an industry placement with the biotech startup Azafaros in Basel, Switzerland working on therapeutics for rare diseases.

Tahmina enjoys networking through involvement in social events and conferences. In her free time, she travels, watches Pokémon and drinks bubble tea.

Tahmina Tabassum