Zoe Aspinall

Liveris Academy Graduate

Zoe completed  a dual Bachelor of Agribusiness / Bachelor of Agricultural Science, majoring in Agronomy in 2023. She graduated from Charleville State High School in 2017 as senior DUX with an OP 1 and various other academic awards. Throughout her final year, Zoe held a house captain role which she thoroughly enjoyed and instilled a sense of leadership that she hopes she can further develop as she progresses through university and as a Liveris Academy Scholar. 

After graduating high school Zoe was unsure of the path she wanted to take and decided to embark on a gap year. She headed to the Northern Territory to work on a cattle station as a governess, where she experienced firsthand a facet of the agricultural industry she had previously not been exposed to. It was upon the completion of her gap year that sparked her initial interest in studying agriculture.

Throughout her studies she was drawn toward the challenges the agricultural industry faces, in particular the issues that will arise due to a growing population and the diminishing availability of resources. She hopes to work towards solutions that will improve the sustainability of the industry. 

Outside of her studies, Zoe enjoys camping along the coast or at freshwater creeks in the hopes of catching a fish.  She can also regularly be found playing board games amongst friends.

Zoe Aspinall