Zexi Zhang

Entrepreneurial PhD 
PhD: Sensitive Detection of Antibiotics with Nanoprobes
Master of Biotechnology/ Bachelor of Animal Science  

Zexi is a PhD student in the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (ABIN) doing research on the detection of antibiotics.  

Zexi’s Masters degree included one year of course work learning biotechnology and another year in working in a practice lab project. With the supervision of Dr Run Zhang he successfully graduated from UQ with an average GPA 6.44 and received Deanʼs Commendation for Academic Excellence in his final year.  

Apart from Zexi’s academic achievements, he is also keen to continue to explore knowledge outside of his major. Currently, he is learning computer science because he believes programming will transform how research is carried out in the near future. Although he is still at the beginning of his learning journey, he believes nothing cannot be overcome with passion and perseverance.  

As an international student, Zexi’s Bachelor degree was completed in the Northwest A&F University in China. During his time in this beautiful agricultural university, Zexi joined a rock band club and played in a number of music festivals at the university. The sense of achievement that he experienced has now become the greatest motivation for his academic career.  

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Zexi Zhang