Yongxin (Missy) Huang

PhD: Photoelectrochemical redox flow battery for solar energy storage 
Entrepreneurial PhD 

Yongxin comes from a small city far from the ocean and was so inspired by a documentary showing the ocean as mysterious and beautiful that she choose to study Marine Science in college. During the four years since, she has been inspired by the huge power of the ocean again and again. 

At the same time, she also found an increasingly serious reality, that is, that energy is limited and being increasingly depleted. Yongxin is determined to link the next phase of her life with sustainable energy, and if there is any opportunity to use the resources that come from the sea it will give great hope to the next generation. 

In the past two years of studying sustainable energy at the University of Queensland, Yongxin has gained a professional understanding of the sustainable energy industry and strengthened her determination to devote her career to building a sustainable energy future. 

Now that Yongxin is doing her PhD at AIBN, she will have more time to devote to sustainable development research. At the same time, she is eager to get an opportunity to cultivate her employability and communicate with like-minded people to discuss the opportunities and challenges of sustainable energy in the future. Therefore, she is very happy to receive support from all aspects of the Entrepreneurial Scholarship. 

Yongxin believes that dreams are the first motivation to achieve goals. Now she is fully energized and ready for the next few years of adventure! 

Yongxin (Missy) Huang