Tara Ewart

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) 
YAP Scholar

Tara is studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours). Tara has shown a keen interest in helping others to be the healthiest versions of themselves. She is excited for the diverse learning experiences the Liveris Academy and Clinical Exercise Physiology offer.

Clinical Exercise Physiology is a relatively new profession, utilising incredible technologies to assist others to optimise their potential and Tara is excited to be a pioneer in this field and to lead the way in terms of sustainable and ongoing global solutions with the Liveris Academy. 

Tara graduated from Springfield Central State High School in 2020 with commendable academic achievements including a Certificate of Academic Commendation as part of the Queensland Certificate of Education Achievement Awards. She thrived in leadership and community engagement, with her most honourable achievements having been a House Captain, the Head Executive for Sporting on the Student Representative Council and receiving the Senior School Citizenship Award.  

She grew up in a small rural town three hours north-west of Brisbane. Her family were part of the agriculture industry, cultivating crops and handling livestock. It was here that Tara developed a fondness and deep appreciation for the environment and wildlife. This has piqued her interests and passions for sustainability and preservation. 

Tara is excited to bring her unique experience and skillset to the Liveris Academy and collaborate with a diverse range of leaders to work towards solutions for the complex issues faced in society today.  

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Tara Ewart