Oscar Delaney

Liveris Academy Alumnus 

Oscar wants to spend his career thinking deeply about how to safeguard the world from existential risks, particularly those posed by upcoming advances in malicious biotechnology.  The future could be vast with billions of people on many planets for millions of years, so minimising the risk of human extinction or civilisational collapse is of overwhelming moral importance from this ‘longtermist’ ethical standpoint.  More broadly, Oscar is involved in the Effective Altruism movement to apply reason, evidence and careful thinking to the project of making the world a better place for all people and animals. 

Oscar grew up in India where his parents were development workers, and was Dux of the Brisbane School of Distance Education, and now receives a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship to pursue majors in genetics, mathematics and philosophy. 

Oscar enjoys research and has been part of several summer and other projects, including co-authoring academic papers.  He also loves maths and hence recently completed an internship at a top Wall Street trading firm. 

Given the gravity of the climate crisis, Oscar is involved in activism and political advocacy, writing submissions to parliamentary enquiries, protesting, lobbying and even challenging a proposed coal mine in the Queensland Land Court on human rights grounds, as part of Youth Verdict. 

Climate change makes already food insecure people more vulnerable, so Oscar volunteers as a research analyst at the European think tank Food Systems Handbook 

Oscar lives, works, thinks, writes and plays on Jagera and Turrbal country. 

Oscar Delaney