Bailey Errey

Ravago Scholar 
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering 

Bailey graduated from Hale School, Perth, in 2021 and chose to make the move to The University of Queensland to expand his horizons and pursue his environmental passions. During his schooling years Bailey was actively engaged in leadership positions including School Prefect, House Captain and Cross Country Captain, all of which tested and expanded his leadership skills.  

When Bailey was 8 he and his family moved to Chile, where he immediately began to be schooled in a Spanish speaking environment. Over the next four years Bailey became fluent in Spanish and was fortunate enough to travel throughout many South American and Central American countries. This experience sparked Bailey's passion for the environment for he saw first-hand the negative impacts of society on aspects of our environment, and he decided education and research was the path forward.  

This year Bailey has commenced his studies in Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering, where he will major in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Through this program Bailey hopes to pursue his passion for the environment by conducting research into the future of renewable energy sources including hydrogen fuel cell technology. As a vegetarian Bailey also has a deep interest in exploring the prospects of sustainable food sources. 

Outside of his studies Bailey is an avid rock climber, swimmer and trail runner currently training for the Brisbane marathon.  

He aspires to take advantage of the opportunities to partake in an overseas placement through the Liveris Academy and is excited and honoured to be walking into 2022 as a member of the Academy. 

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Bailey Errey