Andrew Gregg

Bachelor of Engineering/ Economics
Liveris Undergraduate Scholar

Andrew Gregg is a Liveris Undergraduate Scholar and is commencing his 2nd year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Economics, specialising in Mechanical Engineering and majoring in Quantitative economics. 

Graduating from The Hutchins School in 2021 as a Prefect, and Chair of the student-led Wellbeing Committee, Andrew has a passion for making positive change in his community. His desire to help others inspired him to volunteer at a local primary school during his final high school years and is now spurring him towards a career as an engineer, where he hopes to make a positive difference in the lives of many.  

Andrew’s strengths at school were centred around STEM, with his passion, effort and success in STEM recognised when he received the ADF Future Innovator Award in 2021. This award recognised his work in the school curriculum, as well as extracurricular endeavours such as successfully leading his school to success at the National and International Space Settlement Design Competitions, as well as the DaVinci Decathlon. 

Outside of the classroom, Andrew is a keen sportsman, representing Tasmania in underwater hockey, and playing cricket, football, golf, water polo and many other sports with somewhat less success. He insists (despite the outcry of other debaters) that debating is not a sport, but enjoys it none the less. Andrew regrets the fact that he discovered Formula 1 too late to become a driver, but he insists that his dream of becoming an F1 engineer is equally as appealing.

Andrew Gregg