Alexanda Myers

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)
Liveris Undergraduate Scholar 

Alexanda is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Advanced Science, planning to specialise in physics and major in mathematics. 

Alex attended St. Mary's College Toowoomba holding the position of Academic Captain and in 2021, graduated as Dux of the College. Throughout his time in secondary school, he was involved in many extra-curricular activities such as the Mayor’s Telstra Technology Awards, F1 in-schools Competition, and the Gen-In Innovation Challenge – where his team won the Community Entrepreneurial Award. These activities and the countless others Alex has participated in have expanded his view on the world and driven him to try new things. 

Stepping outside of the academic environment, Alex enjoys listening to music, going to the gym, gaming, and spending time with friends. He always tries to find the positive side in life and tries to understand both sides of a situation. As a growing leader, Alex believes that to be an effective leader in contemporary society, one has to balance both emotion and reason to make a change that benefits all. With the issues going on in the world today, Alex is dedicated in making a change and aims to apply his studies to solve world problems. With this, he is also interested in developing new technologies that will help the lives of many people. 

Having a passion for exploring the unknown and trying to understand the world as it is, he cannot wait to begin his studies in his chosen field.

Alex is honoured to be a Liveris Academy Scholar for 2022 and is keen for the opportunities ahead. 

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Alexanda Myers