Aditya Neurgaonkar

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Master of Engineering
Vice-Chancellor's Scholar

Aditya graduated from Brisbane State High School in 2021 achieving an ATAR 99.95. During his senior year Aditya was a part of the Peer Supporter Program which allowed him to provide emotional wellbeing support and advice to new junior students. His time as a Peer Supporter allowed him to develop many leadership qualities and provided him a learning experience for personal growth and reflection moving forward with his tertiary studies.  

Aditya is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Masters in Engineering program,  pursuing a major in Mechanical and Aerospace. In particular, he has a strong interest in learning more about Space Engineering and the future of transportation. His strong passion for the aerospace industry led him to develop an interest in hobby rocketry and following developments in space technologies. 
Aditya is keen to conduct humanitarian engineering to support communities in need and make a positive impact on society. He is committed to incorporating the sustainability aspect of engineering into his work and learning about how humans can unite as one to build a safe, flourishing future. 

In his spare time, Aditya pushes himself in cycling, running, as well as the gym. He is actively pursuing his Pilot's License in conjunction with his Aerospace Degree. 

Aditya is honoured to be a Liveris Academy Vice Chancellor’s Scholar and is looking forward to helping shape the future.

Aditya Neurgaonkar