My investment banking internship at J.P. Morgan

29 Feb 2024

By Riley Clarke

I have just wrapped up my time as an investment banking winter and summer analyst at J.P. Morgan in Sydney as part of the 2023 ‘Empowering Leaders Development Program’. During my 3 months in the investment bank, I worked with talented colleagues on advice relating to significant business decisions in areas of great national and international significance. I am very grateful for my time at the firm and for all the superb people I had the chance to work with. 

Photo by The Australian

J.P. Morgan is the world’s leading financial services firm with US$3.9 trillion of assets, 240,000 employees in over 100 countries, and a legacy dating back to 1799. The world’s largest corporations, institutions, and governments rely on the knowledge and insights of J.P. Morgan professionals.

Investment banking is a challenging and rewarding profession and I am looking forward to joining the team again in 2025.

Rewarding and dynamic

I was fortunate to work in two fantastic teams during my internships: ‘Debt Capital Markets’ in winter and ‘Metals & Mining’ in summer. In both teams I worked on transactions with the potential to meaningfully affect the energy transition and secure a sustainable future. Every day was exciting and whether I was working on a presentation to the board of an ASX100 company or helping prepare materials for a meeting with senior executives about to embark on a business transformation, the impact and relevance of my tasks were always clear and rewarding.

Weeks in days

The clients and the work were constantly adapting and evolving to reflect new requirements or a changing marketplace. The uniquely fast-paced and variable environment generated the opportunity for a significantly accelerated learning experience. I learnt all manner of things during my time at the firm from financial modelling to bond and swap pricing to the difference between spodumene and lithium carbonate. Happily, I was in two teams made up of some remarkably intelligent, accomplished, and personable colleagues and mentors who were generous with their time, guidance, and wisdom.

The impact of the Liveris Academy

During my time in Sydney, I was often reminded of the enormous value of the Liveris Academy. I met up with my Academy-assigned mentor who has significant experience in investment banking and private equity, and I was able to call a former speaker in the Academy’s ‘Distinguished Speaker Series’ who is a Global Chairman of Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan in New York. Beyond these connections, my knowledge of the energy transition, pitching experience, and contact with business leaders which I gained through Academy events and projects contributed to my ability to participate in industry discussions and produce quality work. I am very grateful for the opportunities the Academy has given me and its positive impact on my studies and career so far.