A Transformative Winter School

11 July 2022

Authored by Zoe Cumming

Andrew Liveris Scholar studying a dual Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering.

The floods earlier in the year saw the annual Liveris Academy Winter School condensed into just three days, but this did not stop the Scholars from gaining an abundance of insight into digital transformation, innovation and leadership.

The week began with a timely reminder on the importance of self-care and accessing tools such as the healthy mind platter to ensure they are remaining kind to themselves while optimising their leadership potentials. Scholars then travelled to The Precinct, where in line with the Academy’s 2022 theme of digital transformation, they learnt of the various applications of augmented reality, extended reality and artificial intelligence across a vast range of sectors, from healthcare to manufacturing. They got to experience virtual reality firsthand and toured The Precinct, discovering the breadth of creativity in Queensland’s innovation ecosystem.  

Throughout their remaining time, scholars engaged in a public speaking workshop led by Dr Kevan Jones that pushed them outside their comfort zones and reinforced the importance of practise in making progress. Subsequently, a leadership seminar saw the Scholars delve into the importance of planning to facilitate effective teamwork through a competitive round of ‘Lego Man.’

A highlight of the program was hearing the inspiring stories of renowned leaders, whose broad and diverse experiences catered to the varying interests of the Scholars. President of the Land Court, Fleur Kingham, narrated the influence of her mother’s advice on her leadership journey and addressed her impactful work in the Land Court and various other positions. Innovator and founder, Hugh Whalan, shared his views on empowering others through business, while Chairman of Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan, Jennifer Nason, discussed the various impacts of COVID and digital transformation on the financial sector, as well as the importance of perseverance and risk taking. Managing Director at New Corp Australia, Jason Scott, gave thought-provoking insights into digital transformation, digital disruption and bias in the media and incoming CEO for Fortescue Future Industries, Mark Hutchinson, leveraged his extensive knowledge of digital transformation and business to discuss the transition to clean energy, social equality and the fourth industrial revolution.

The Scholars also engaged in an invigorating panel discussion with Sonja Bernhardt OAM and John Puttick on the varying risks and benefits of digital transformation. Additionally, in a moving presentation, founder and CEO of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale, Yasmin Griguliunas, spoke to creating a circular economy and reinforced the importance of prioritising empathy and inclusivity in business.

The week concluded with a lively game of lawn bowls, allowing Scholars to connect and reflect on the knowledge and experience they had gained. The Liveris Academy’s 2022 Winter School was both informative and challenging, compelling the Scholars to consider the future of digital transformation whilst moulding them into more effective and thoughtful leaders. On behalf of the scholars, I would like to thank all those who made the Winter School possible and say watch this space as the Scholars continue on their leadership and innovation journeys.