Valerii Quici

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours), majoring in Earth Resources
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholar

Valerii is a second-year undergraduate student in an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science, majoring in Earth Resources. She has obtained the Dean’s Commendation of Academic Excellence award in each semester of study, prior to receiving the Liveris Academy scholarship.

After graduating high school in Perth (WA), Valerii excelled in hospitality management while working in Perth, obtaining supervisor and managerial positions from the age of 18. These years, for her, were about personal growth and understanding, soft skill development, and exploration. 

She travelled overseas and within Australia, having two key experiences drove her to where she is today. The first was travelling across the Philippines. Being exposed to the harsh realities of life in the developing world, she knew that in her lifetime she needed to contribute to and drive change towards a positive and equal future for all. The second experience was living in a rural town in the Kimberley’s, where she became exposed to the clashes between resource industries and the pristine environment surrounding them. Her love for nature, but also understanding that resources are fundamental for humans, made it clear she wanted to specialize in this field to implement ways in which nature is conserved while meeting our demands.

Combining these experiences with her academic drive in STEM subjects, Valerii is interested in exploring how digitalization, in the areas of agriculture and resources, will contribute to higher agricultural productivities and reduced pollution from field activities, as well as sustainable use of valuable and limited resources.

Valerii Quici