Katherine Laundy

Bachelor of Communication/Arts
Associate Program

Katherine is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Digital Media, and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Spanish and History. She has received the honour of two Dean’s Commendations for Academic Excellence in her studies thus far. Katherine believes that her study of the past will aid the address of current and future global issues as they are, essentially, grounded in historic decisions and perspectives. 

She graduated from Holland Park High in 2018, where she was proud to be a senior leader and student ambassador. These roles sparked a keen interest in leadership and community-based involvement, which she hopes to develop throughout university. Her biggest wish is to be able to aid others throughout her career. 

It is Katherine’s goal to work with vulnerable communities affected by climate change and the impacts of modernisation, often felt most keenly by developing nations. She hopes to address the social implications of sustainability practices while assisting the involvement of all communities in positive developments and assuring equitable access to progressing technologies and resources. She aims to work on solutions that prioritise people, the planet and its wonderfully diverse wildlife. 

Outside of her studies, Katherine has a great passion for animals and the wellbeing of wildlife, which is why she will never be found far from her Golden Retriever or three beloved cats. She also gets great enjoyment from reading novels, history texts and poetry.

Katherine Laundy